Konstantinos Patsios | Art Market Budapest 2022
Konstantinos Patsios is a young artist based in Athens. His work combines a variety of media,from painting and sculpture to large scale installations.
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Art Market Budapest 2022

09 Oct 2022

Alma Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in this year’s Art Market Budapest with five artists: Andreas Voussouras, Michalis Kioussis, Kyriaki Mavrogeorgi, Konstantinos Patsios and Khalid Chrisina. Five seemingly different artists join forces to propose a polyphonic narrative.


Konstantinos Patsios Le Dernier Empereur, 2022, painting and collage on canvas, 100 x 100 cm


Andreas Voussouras, using original combinations of materials and taking advantage of the third dimension, takes us on a journey to a world of associations. At Michali Kioussis, where color and light are dominant, shadows become fundamental, and all representations are realistic yet deeply expressionistic. These compositions are full of clarity and structural completeness so strong, that they could marginally also stand as sculptures. Konstantinos Patsios takes us on a journey through the history of art from today and conceptual art, to pop art and expressionism, through his complex collages. The fantastic worlds of Halid Chrisina challenge us to question what can be shaped through issues that concern our daily lives, while the unique porcelain sculptures of Kyriaki Mavrogeorgis, through the play of the composition of disparate materials with reference to decorative trinkets and handicrafts of urban houses, acknowledge the existential and social conflict of women in the modern world.


Every year, the leading international art exhibition of Central and Eastern Europe, brings together exhibitors from 5 continents. Similarly, this year, more than 100 galleries will participate in Art Market Budapest showcasing both established and emerging talent in painting, sculpture, installation, photography and art projects, in a unique diverse artistic platform.


Andreas Voussouras Dancing Bollywood flower, 2022, mixed media, 70 x 50 x 7 cm


Kyriaki Mavrogeorgi Bloody spring, 2022, Colored porcelain with glossy glass-embroidery, 20 cm


Michalis Kioussis Funky Ginger Chick, 2022, oils on canvas, 150 x 110 cm


Halid Chrisinas Smoking Killed The Gorilla, 2022, collage - mixed media, 40 x 30 cm



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