Konstantinos Patsios | Sic transit gloria artis, ALMA Gallery, November 2 – December 4 2021
Konstantinos Patsios is a young artist based in Athens. His work combines a variety of media,from painting and sculpture to large scale installations.
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Sic transit gloria artis, ALMA Gallery, November 2 – December 4 2021

17 Oct 2021

ALMA Gallery Athens presents Kontantinos Patsios’ new solo exhibition titled “Sic transit gloria artis”, on view from November 2 until December 4 2021.


Is art’s glory transient? What occurs when Michelangelo’s David converses with Henry Moore and the technique of collage? And who among them all is the creator within a multidimensional synchronic narration?





Konstantinos Patsios, through his new visual work of collage and painting on canvas gives daring answers invoking a multitude of pictorial styles and references from the history of art and the contemporary consumerist universe. Portraits evocative of an obsolete glory, at times recognizable, and at others voluntarily anonymous, discard their familiar properties and coexist within the neo-pop culture. Praising the ephemeral through fractional bodies, drawings and newspaper clippings, Patsios creates unexpected yet seamless connections on the canvas, upon a new hyper-textual level. The constant reminder of futility leaves hovering questions as to whether the new resulting narrative reflects progress, or the myth of the fall. In his paintings, the multiple subjects, gendered, animate or inanimate, do not overlap one another, each claiming their space. Paraphrasing Barthes, the canvas becomes a multidimensional space where a variety of writings -none of which are original- mix and clash. Hierarchies are confuted; heroes are replaced by other heroes or their reflections. Thus transits the glory of art…


Opening: Tuesday 02/11, 16:00 – 22:00

Gallery Hours: Wed & Sat 11:00 – 15:00


Curated by: Katia Papandreopoulou